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Razan Rashed

Bachelor of Interior Design with honors from Dar Al-Hekma University

A very enthusiastic and always passionate interior designer. Her journey was full of success and achievements, with a background in project management and space planning, and extensive experience in choosing furniture for interior design.

Her work: private residences and villas - cafe design - participation in Jeddah Municipality projects

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Private Villa

The project is to design a villa. The style is beachy with modern touches to give the home a luxurious look. The house will be in beach color like blue, white and brown. Also, the use of stone and brick to create a beachy feel

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Designing a therapeutic, recreational and residential resort in a natural and touristic area that suits the site conditions and exploits all natural possibilities. At the same time, it meets human needs with a sensory design that makes the design center around the human being in terms of providing the greatest amount of relaxation and natural recreation.

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