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Farah Karameh

Bachelor's degree in Interior Design and Visual Arts from the University of Jordan.

A qualified interior designer with a comprehensive vision for design. Passionate about design and an outside-the-box thinker. She had worked on commercial and residential projects. Thus she developed a diverse and rich skill set. Dealt with various aspects of design and creativity in the past

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Duplex private villa

The idea of the design is to utilize the spaces by creating multi-use spaces, dual-purpose furniture in a modern rustic style, inspired by the mountain houses using wood integrated with the brown color of the furniture mixed with shades of neutral colors and prominent dark pieces to match the light floors.

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Private villa

Luxurious modern home with warm environment

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Farah Karamehx1-09.jpg
Farah Karamehx1-12.jpg
Farah Karamehx1-11.jpg
Farah Karamehx1-08.jpg
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