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Ragadh Alhamlawi

Architectural engineer, graduate of Prince Sultan University in Riyadh

Extensive experience in developing creative solutions for all spaces in residential projects. A history of success in defining different plans and determining the costs of various projects. A background in dealing with interior spaces in a practical, safe and beautiful way by defining space requirements and selecting decorative elements, such as colors, lighting and materials suitable for the space.


Walls decoration

The family wanted to decorate most of the walls to give their home life. The design of the house adds a distinctive style to the entire space. The wood selected in the same color in different areas of the house and extends from the wall to the ceiling calls for special attention to the details and makes the space more elegant and warm.

Ragadh Al Hamlawi-11.jpg
final 2.png
Ragadh Al Hamlawi-13.jpg
Ragadh Al Hamlawi-10.jpg


Designed a custom bookcase with hidden lighting and added a mirror along the wall to increase the space with a wood screen design to support the privacy of the place

Ragadh Al Hamlawi-01.jpg
Ragadh Al Hamlawi-03.jpg
Ragadh Al Hamlawi-05.jpg
Ragadh Al Hamlawi-01.jpg
Ragadh Al Hamlawi-02.jpg

Private Apartment

Apartment for a newly married couple. The living room's beige walls and marble floors blend effortlessly together to create a modern atmosphere. Contrasting furniture and rugs are a highlight of this room. The bedroom features warm colors using wood flooring contrasting with the detailed furniture of the wardrobe at wall height and dressers

Ragadh Al Hamlawi-22-04.jpg
Ragadh Al Hamlawi-22-02.jpg
Ragadh Al Hamlawi-22-03.jpg
Ragadh Al Hamlawi-22-05.jpg
Ragadh Al Hamlawi-22-06.jpg
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